Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's a Jungle out there, and in my workshop as well.

The Foosa, 2009

Madagasgar Hissing Cockroach , with Common NYC Roach
One Very Large Sneaker,

Giant Brazilian Cave Roach

Monarch Butterfly Life Cylce Show. Large Rolled Up News paper
The Eastern Painted Turtle

Prairie Dog and Rabbit
This Is a Chestnut Madibiled Tucan, and this is You-CAn the Toucan, and his Brothers

American BullFrog.

for the past several years i have built puppets and props for the Central park zoo. Its always a fun project no matter what the deadline, I get to build stuff that i might not otherwise think of, and the reaction they get from the kids and the crowds at the zoos are always fantaftic.

This past year alone i worked on a Madacascar Hissing Cockroach, a Foosa, and did some repairs on some older props i had worked on. here are some puppets from over the years that i have done fro the Central Park Zoo, and the Bronx zoo, and Queens and Prospect park zoos.

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