Friday, July 24, 2009

before i go to the crap PArt Time Job, here are some pictures

Freelancing isnt easy.
Anyone who says it is ,is Lying or Delutional.We all have bills to pay, and Some times puppet design and building doesnt cover it all, I myself work a variety of Part Time Jobs, Always hoping the next big gig is around the corner while making catering deliveries or Managing a local coffee shop.
Here are some pictures from my Past puppet projects. (I told you this blog would be Random)
Last year i was asked to build these guys for a Small budget childrens TV show in Pensylvania
i hada tight time fram and Brought in some help for this one, puppet builders Mike Latini (of Monkey Boys) and Mike Schupbach (of the puppet kitchen)
Latini built Fred the Fridge, and Schupbach built Reggie the Reggister. I took care of the Donny Dictionary , and the pear shaped Computer named Bartlet. (insert Rim shot here).

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