Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Late day post ,

Hey all, its a late day post today.I was called in to do one of my Part time job (Oh joy.) and i am just now getting in front of the computer.
Some one on Muppetcentral.com was saying they liked this frog i built for "Johnny and the Sprites"so here is a pick of her, and a few other frogs i have done over the years.

She was designed by Michael Schupbach, (of the puppet kitchen) and i worked from His design and under his art Direction, from what i know she was a real hit .I only was on set in the work room for 3 -4 day in the afternoons building her(i was working at a YMCA that summer teaching a puppet building class to kids as well)

I wish i had a better picture than this , I built this frog for the Central Park zoo, i was very happy with the way he came out , i need to get in to get some better shots of him some day .
This little guy was originally going to be a part of a Video i did for the San Fransisco Outside lands Music Festival This year , but he decided the set didn't have room for him. He ended up appearing in the "Kiss The Girl ...Continued" Video i did with Collegehumor.com.
This is Blotch , The Bullfrog bully from "Kermit's Swamp Years", I built two of them, one had a Eye Mech designed by Larry Jameson, the other was just some possible armature wire. I was very happy with the way the puppet came out. Not so much with the way the Movie came out.

I really have nothing to say about this one, The project fell apart do to a number of issues , all i know is that some designs do not make good puppets.
I love this little guy, I wonder what ever happened to this project, Ill have to do a post about this one in the future.
Finally here is a Marionette i built for "PUPPETWORKS INC." in Brooklyn NYC, I don't work full time their. but i go in an do work whenever they need me, I'm actually working on a New Frog for this show. we wanted a plumber , less athletic looking frog for the "Frog Prince. That's it for today , I have two more deliveries, and then back down to the basement/workshop, to finish some other projects.
Have a good one.

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