Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ok, So I didnt keep my word, on the new blog updates

So I guess i should add some stuff to the old Page,

This year has been sort of busy, not as busy as i would like, but busy.I have had a few fun Freelance projects, Nothing steady(i do miss working with my Puppet building colleagues), but I am thankful for the projects I have had. here are some of the more recent puppet projects.

I had a lot of fun with these two projects , hopefully I'll get to work on some more videos with these guys soon.

Pot Cookie Monster,
Clearly a Parody of the old "On The Wall" segments from Sesame Street , My first Job with College Humor, Designed and built the Puppets as well as Lead Puppeteer. My Right hand man (Literally) was my friend Rei Padilla

Pot Cookie Monster

Here is Project number Two

A very ambitious and Fun project , this was a Parody of the Classic Disney Film, "The Little Mermaid", along with Hints of the Production Style , and Scope of a "Muppet Show" sketch, I designed and built all the puppets . Puppeteers are Myself ,Rei Padilla, and Frankie Corderro, along with some help from the production crew.

Kiss the Girl...Continued

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