Monday, July 27, 2009

Im feeling slow today ,

just waking up, Late night at work, then some bad dinner food, I'm just not feeling to peppy today .Anyway , here are some puppets to look at.

These are from a project i did sometime in 2003 or 4 (i think, its been a while.)

not my most successful Freelance outing. But i was still sort of wet behind the ears on this one. Communications where crossed, and emails where not as clear about things as they should have been.

The snail below (the green and grey )is the final Version of "IGBY"
and actually he came out pretty good all things considered.

The problem is when i got the email,and printed him out this is what i saw

A golden Yellow and Brown snail. I had to completely re skin the puppet and send him back out to California, very embarrassing situation for me , and a very unhappy client , in the end i guess it all worked out, I know they shot a Short film, or video project, I do wonder if anyone has ever seen it.

That's it for today I think ill go back to bed.

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