Friday, July 24, 2009

Little Shop of Horrors, seems like all us puppeteers have been thier.

I think i would Be hard pressed to find a Puppeteer in the USA or Canada who hasn't been in or been a part of a Production of Little shop of Horrors, It was my first puppet build for any show when i was in Verona High School ,Here in Glorious Essex County NJ. I did it again when i got out of college for Montclair High school. i also consulted on a couple of local theatre productions.

Its a great show, lots of room to play and create, This past year i worked on Two Builds for the show, One for my Little brothers production at Catholic university in Washington DC, and i helped out my Buddies over at Monkey Boys as well,

Mine was pretty much done on the fly, low budget , with only about a month to build it all , the monkey boys worked Closely with Martin P Robinson, (the puppeteer , and original creator of Audrey II) to build one for Rent around the country, they worked closely from the Designs that Marty created, and they came out great , Check out their Audrey II here

And here are a few images of my Little shop efforts from over the years.

Montclair High Production, circa 1996

and here are the Puppets for Catholic University,

My rough Designs

And the Puppets

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

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