Thursday, July 23, 2009

some other things I have done.

Being a puppet designer is a odd career by most peoples standards, I have had my share of odd and disturbing requests over the years, I remember one women who wanted me to fix a old Javan Marionette that she had , seemed pretty straight forward to me until she added that the pubic hair present on the puppet was hers. I just don't understand conceptual artists.

any way here are some puppets designs and puppets that do not involve human pubic hair or bodily fluids.

These two where Designed based on some very rough drawings supplied by the client,Ultimately the Puppet design and Puppet build went to another designer, but i do like the way they came out , maybe not the most innovative of designs, but they would have made nice puppets.

The above Drawing is from Brian Frouds book "The Goblins of Labyrinth", I love Beaky Monsters and took a Stap at making this guy into a posable Sculpture.I used Sculpy , armature wire, and lots of fur and fabric scraps.I also used some scrap wonderflex to make the armor.


  1. The goblin sculpture rules! I almost wish that it was a marionette or a rod puppet just to see it be able to move around.

  2. I have thought about doing that, I may try to mold the head in Silicone and make some casting, would be a cool Marionette fer sure!